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Seva Sadan Society was founded in 1908 by two gentlemen, Shri Behramji Malbari and Diwan Dayaram Gidumal, who were not only good friends,
but were also eminent social activists and philanthropists of their time. Both believed in selfless social service and were determined to
take up the cause against the exploitation of women. To change and redress the harsh and regressive attitudes towards women became their life’s
passion. A century later, the Seva Sadan Society continues to work tirelessly for the welfare and empowerment of disadvantaged girls and women.

School Services and Activities:

New concepts of teaching with modern teaching aids ensure a strong foundation. Audio-visual aids are used to impart information to make
learning fun. Their computer laboratory introduces students to basic computer skills. A well-stocked library encourages them to read, borrow
books and puzzles. Field trips are organized to expand their knowledge. Extra-curricular activities for their all round development. Speech and drama
classes help them gain confidence. Social and cultural activities, where students are encouraged to participate actively.
Celebration of various festivals in school to expose them to India’s cultural diversity. Nutritious snacks are provided daily. Regular health check-ups.
Both schools offer co-education.

At Seva Sadan it is firmly believed that for a child’s holistic development, there needs to be a balance between work and play. With this in mind,
they organize interesting field trips to places of social and educational interest, picnics and fun outings away from their daily routine. Their greater
goal is to provide their children with varied experiences, which otherwise they may never have had.




Seva Sadan will be selling food products at the NGO fair.In its continuing effort to widen the scope to promote self-sufficiency amongst women,
Seva Sadan manages and operates two in-house restaurants, both of which are run entirely by women. These initiatives provide in-house practical
vocational training to girls who seek a career in the hospitality industry.'By The way' specializes in delectable Parsi fare, which includes the
all time favourites such as:
Dhan Saak, Patra-ni-Machhi, Sali Marghi and Lagan nu Custard to name a just a few.The menu also has a selection of pan-Indian and Continental dishes,
as well as tea-time snacks, savouries and sweets.

To contact By The way call Zarine Elavia or Uma Veeraswamy at
23808005 or 23889109 or 23803532
To contact Aahaar contact Zarine Elavia at 23808005 or 23889109


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