BIS welcomes students who balance high levels of academic achievement and extra-curricular activities to join our IB Diploma Programme.  Please refer to the timeline given below for details regarding the admission process for the year 2020-22.


For more information about the IB Diploma Programme at BIS, please see our e-brochure. Information about IBDP results and placements is available on this page.

For queries about the IBDP at BIS, please write to bisibdpoffice@bis.edu.in

A limited number of scholarships (partial waiver of tuition fees) are offered by BIS for eligible students.

Eligibility for Merit Scholarship: All students who are applying for the Diploma Programme to Bombay International School are eligible to apply for the Merit Scholarship. The application form should be completed with necessary details and submitted with the admission form to the IBDP office. Additional information and recommendations (if any), may be attached separately. Applications received will be reviewed on the basis of students’ academic records, admission tests, application form and interactions. Two Merit scholarships will be awarded to the top two scholarship applicants who meet the criteria.

Need-based Scholarship: The application form should be completed with necessary details and should be submitted with the application form to the IBDP office along with relevant financial documents.

For queries and the scholarship forms, kindly email tanaz.batliwalla@bis.edu.in