BIS Annual Sports Day- February 8 2017

Sports Day 2017 was a wonderful way to bring in the new year and as always, was plenty of fun for the students, teachers as well as parents. The annual event kicked off with a first-of-its-kind yoga performance put up by students from the middle and senior school to ensure that the participants were calm and composed before the hectic day ahead. It was followed by the March Past, where each house  was proudly led by its captains, as they held their flags high. They were accompanied by a drumming band, who kept the beat going!

Despite the sweltering Mumbai heat, the crowds cheered in full force, and the athletes gave it their best. The energy was infectious, and the colourful and supportive posters and banners were a sight-not-to-miss.

The races were followed by Tug-o-War, and an address by this year’s chief guest, Tulsi Mehta. 

The athletic meet was won by Alpha, thanks to their agility on the track, and their discipline off it. Gamma  came second, and Beta followed by a close third. Regardless of prizes, it was smiles all round, as the final whistle marked the end of a super successful day!

  • Article by Student Reporters