Middle and Secondary School

Anjali Karpe, Deputy Head

Anjali Karpe, the Deputy Head at BIS and the Head of Student Life derives joy in tapping the potential of learners so that they grow and discover themselves in the process. In addition, she teaches English and History to Senior School.

She has done her M.Phil. and M.A. in English Literature, B.A. English (Honours) with History and B.Ed in English and History. She has also done IB Workshops in Language A: Literature at Hongkong and Hyderabad, several Webinars for English and workshops for IGCSE History.  She has been part of workshops on teaching and pedagogy.

Besides her teaching responsibilities, Anjali’s area of focus is on the holistic growth of students and enrichment through out-reach and experiential learning. She also looks into inclusion and pastoral care, and developing a strong student voice through leadership initiatives.

Anjali has been at BIS since 2006 and has spent 14 years teaching creative writing to children prior to this. She has served as a consultant for Library set-ups and creative writing programs for other IB schools. Anjali has also enjoyed working Hindi-English conversation sessions to overcome communication barriers for the expatriate community in Mumbai.

Anjali says that for her teaching is a passion. Watching films with a critical eye is a serious hobby, as is travelling to discover new places.

Zeeba Shroff, IGCSE Coordinator

Zeeba has done her B.Ed. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from the UK. She has been working with BIS since 2011. Through the years, she has taught Information and Communication Technology to Grades 7 and 8 in middle school and Cambridge IGCSE ICT to Grades 9 and 10 in senior school. Being actively involved and working closely with the Student Government and yearbook team for design and layout of the e-yearbook has culminated into a close bond with the students. As a Model United Nations Advisor, she has accompanied the students on conferences.

She has attended professional development workshops on improving learning, effective class management, motivating students to be independent learners, Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, Cyber Security and Google Apps for Education. She has also conducted in-service training on effective use of technology integration for collaborative learning.

She is passionate about teaching and technology integration. She believes that each child is special and gifted. By providing a holistic educational environment for the students, she aspires to empower them to be good digital citizens with 21st century skills. This will enable them to respect diversity and be a valuable part of an emerging world community.

Fizza Kachwala, Middle School Coordinator

Fizza has been teaching at BIS since 2008. Through the years she has taught General Science, Mathematics & Biology in the Primary, Middle and Senior School. She has facilitated Big History in its pilot year at BIS in 2017. Having done her B.Sc. (Zoology & Biochemistry) and M.Sc. (Zoology – Endocrinology) from Mumbai University, she has previously taught the B.Sc course at SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce before doing her B.Ed ( Math-Science) from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education.

Fizza has attended the ‘Making The PYP Happen’ and the IB PYP ‘Assessment’ workshops at BIS and conducted Think Lab sessions for Grades 4 & 5 in the PYP. She has been facilitating the transition of Grade 6 from PYP into Middle School Secondary 1 Curriculum in Science, having trained at the Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum Workshop, in Bangalore. She also facilitates Big History in Grade 7.

Fizza is passionate about teaching and believes that the role of a teacher and her influence go much beyond the classroom. She believes that the Middle School space provides tremendous opportunities to develop life skills in students while also building specific interests in academic areas.

Fizza has completed the ‘ How To Talk So Kids Will Listen” workshop and is enthusiastic about using the skills she has learned wherever possible. She has also attended a “Whole School Quality Circle Time’ workshop by Maya Menon and “Assessment for Learning” workshop by Dylan Wiliam. She hopes to contribute to the holistic learning of students while also specifically infusing the love for the Scientific Method as a way of life.

Nita Shukla

Nita has done her M.A. and B.Ed. and several ICSE and IGCSE workshops related to the environment. She has been at BIS since 2000, and teaches EVS and EVM. She loves being in school, surrounded by children, and she believes that through them she is spreading an important environmental message.

Nita believes that learning is a continuous process, and that she learns something new whenever she tackles new challenges and concerns about the environment.

Anisa Ladak

Anisa has completed her B.Sc. in Biotechnology and B.Ed. in Science and Math.

She has been at BIS since 2011 and has been teaching General Science, Chemistry and Thinklabs (Hands on Science).

She has undergone training for Thinklabs and has attended workshops on Google applications, JodoGyan and IGCSE Checkpoint Science. She mentored as well as accompanied students at the Sunburst Environment Programme 2016, Singapore.

She believes that it is important to pursue what one loves. At BIS, she has the opportunity to work with children and spread her love for science. Anisa believes in being flexible and is always open to learning and upgrading her skills. For her, learning is a life-long process.

Harishchandra Yadav

Harishchandra has been at BIS since 1997. He has done his B.A, B.P.Ed, and M.P.Ed and teaches Physical Education.  He is very punctual and responsible and believes that there is no limit to knowledge.

Jyoti Alva

Jyoti has been in Sports Education since the last 19 years; she has done her BA, B.P.Ed and NIS, Sport Authority of India, National Institute of Sports (Football) from Kolkotta. She completed her All India Football Federation ‘D’ LICENCE coaching course from Mumbai and is a qualified instructor for The International Award for Young People, India – Duke of Edinburghs International award.

She was awarded the Rajya Puraskar in Bharat Scout & Guide and was a national football player.

Azmin Mistry, Team Leader Performing Arts and Events

Azmin has done her B.A., M.A., and B.Ed. and has been working with BIS since 2011.  She teaches English (Language and Literature) in Grade 6 and Cambridge IGCSE Drama in Grades 8 and 9. She has conducted workshops on Creative Teaching Styles for teachers from the Akanksha Foundation and also on creative activities. She has attended the IGCSE workshop on Checkpoint English and Drama. Azmin has also organized workshops at Kitab Khana on Ecology and Peace. She has conducted in-service training for teachers within her own school to promote greater levels of confidence through her workshop in drama. Besides training students for inter-school events in speech and drama, Azmin also mentors students in school before their elocution and debate competitions.She has been instrumental in ensuring that BIS has bagged the BEST SCHOOL TROPHY in the Pearl Padamsee Speech and Drama inter-school competition for two years in succession.

Azmin is an extrovert and is open-minded and passionate about reading, drama and sports. Writing poems and organizing and planning events is her forte, while upholding integrity and valuing human resource is her strength. A team player who believes ‘leaders must be doers first’, she enjoys challenges and believes in Paulo Coelho’s statement, “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow…That’s why I don’t save my best for the last.” She thus believes in performing her best every single day. Her motto is to keep herself ignited while ensuring that everyone around her is illuminated with joyful radiance at the same time.

Divya Kapadia, Team Leader for Outreach 6-10 and CAS Coordinator

Divya has done her B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed. and M.A. in Special Education (UK). She has attended ICSE cell meetings and conducted workshops for Akanksha in Mumbai. She has been at BIS since 2011. Divya teaches Business Studies (IGCSE), Global Perspectives (GP) and organises programs for the holistic development of the students. She taught Commercial Application (ICSE) and Commercial Studies (ICSE) 2011- 2015.

She has attended an IGCSE workshop for Business Studies in Delhi.

She is a part of the School Student Government. She is the Team Leader for Community Outreach and Educational Tours. She initiated the Outreach program which dedicates a week every year involving students in different activities with NGOs, culminating into an NGO fair. The NGO fair is an event where NGOs get an opportunity to showcase their products. She has recently become the CAS coordinator for IBDP.

Her childhood dream of becoming a teacher has been fulfilled and she enjoys her job and the wonderful rapport that she shares with her students. She believes that education, when imparted well, allows every child to bloom like a flower.

Prakash Jadhav

Prakash has done his M.Sc in Computer Engineering and his B.Ed.  He has participated in ICSE and IGCSE cell training for Mathematics. He has also attended workshops for IB Mathematics HL in Bangalore and a JodoGyan workshop. He has been at BIS since 2007. He has tried to stress the importance of inquiry-based learning—and focuses on “why” a problem is solved in a particular way and not “how” a problem is to be solved. He aims to create a love for Mathematics, which is so necessary in our day-to-day life.


Priti Merchant, Co-Curricular Coordinator

Priti has done her B.Com, LLB and B Ed. She has been at BIS since 2011.

She loves Mathematics, the subject she teaches, and enjoys teaching it creatively. Her joy and satisfaction comes from making children address a problem through different perspectives and developing in them a love for the subject.

Priti has attended various workshops and Professional Development Programs, some of them being for differentiated instruction, for Holistic growth of students and also the subject related CIE Math workshop. She has also been a part of a workshop on Assessments.

Besides her teaching responsibilities, Priti is the Coordinator for Co-curriculars. She is involved with the school newsletter and leads the team for the school’s E-Yearbook. As the Model United Nations Advisor, she facilitates the school MUN program as well as other local and international MUN programs. She is involved with all the co-curricular activities at BIS and believes that the academic and non academic space contribute in equal measure to the child’s holistic growth, that developing empathy and compassion in children is as important as academic education.

Kamal Harver

Kamal has done her M.Sc, Ph.D. and B.Ed. and attended Cambridge IGCSE and IBDP workshops. She has been teaching at BIS since 2006. She is the science coordinator for the Senior School and teaches Physics, Biology and Chemistry. She also teaches Chemistry SL in the IBDP.

She enjoys reading, music and travelling. She feels that different children have different abilities, as well as potential, and they learn accordingly.

She also believes in incorporating life-skills into the curriculum as it helps students become more independent.

Shweta Walawalkar

Shweta teaches ICT and Marathi to the Primary, Middle and Senior School at BIS. She has done her B.Ed., B.Com., Diploma in Computer Graphics and Application and has completed CIE workshops in ICT.  She has taught at BIS since 2005. In December 2013, Shweta accompanied the students of BIS and Cathedral School to Singapore for the Sunburst Youth Camp, where students from 14 countries had come together. She was a very involved chaperone through the process. Shweta hopes to make each and every class creative, and the learning process innovative. She loves to travel.

Samrajni Dasgupta

Samrajni has been teaching History, Social Studies and English to Senior and Middle school students at BIS since 2006. She has done her B.A, B.Ed., and Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. Besides these qualifications, she has attended workshops on subjects like English Language, Enhancing Grammar Skills in Students, Exploring Methods of Teaching Grammar Creatively and Creative Writing. She has attended the IGCSE workshop on India Studies, a Model United Nations workshop and attended ICSE cell meetings for History.

Swati Ashar

Swati Ashar has been a Senior School Physics teacher at BIS for the past 15 years. With a B.Sc. and a B.Ed., Swati has also gone through several workshops for professional development. These include a CIE Workshop for Practical Skills in teaching Sciences and the Stage 1 and Stage 2 workshops with CIE for Physics. She has also attended workshops conducted by the Bombay Association for Science Education, the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and the Nehru Science Centre. She has also gone through online training as an Examination Officer for CIE and attended cell meetings for ICSE as well as IGCSE.

Swati firmly believes that values are caught, not taught and that it is important to change with the times without diluting our core values. The saying, “To improve is to change; to be perfect one needs to change often” is what Swati holds close to her heart. She also strongly believes in Kahlil Gibran’s philosophy about children and parenting.

‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.’

Swati feels that teachers and parents have to keep the faith, and to impart values to children and let the arrow, as Gibran says, find its way.

Before BIS, Swati taught at Arya Vidya Mandir (Bandra). She has also been the Chief Examination Supervisor for ICSE (2005) and an Examiner for Physics ICSE.

Zenia Hathi

Zenia  has been teaching German to Middle and Primary School at BIS since 2013. She has attended German language courses at the Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai and has received training for the Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language from IGNOU. Before joining BIS, she taught French privately for over 20 years and brings her experience of language teaching to the students at BIS.

She has enriched her skills by attending several workshops organised by the Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai.

Zenia is enthusiastic about her work and uses creative methods to introduce children to German language and culture. She also participated in the student exchange program held in school this year.

Gayatri Prabhudesai

Gayatri has been teaching German for almost 8 years. She has learnt the German language from the Goethe Institute Mumbai and has completed the last phase of the translation course from Germany. She has been attending trainings at the Institute which have helped her update her knowledge on a regular basis. A teachers’ training program in German from IGNOU has enabled her to polish her teaching skills and bring theory into practice. She has successfully completed a year long Train the Trainer program offered by the Goethe Institute in 2015. Currently she is a part of the DLL, which is also a teachers’ training program offered by the Goethe Institute.

Teaching is a passion for her and she has a good connect with the students.

Apart from German, she takes keen interest in sports and music and plays badminton and carrom in her free time. She believes in physical and mental fitness and makes time for yoga in her daily schedule.

Tarana Pithawalla

Tarana is a Clinical Psychologist with an experience of over 15 years in the field of counseling and training. She graduated in Psychology with honours from St.Xavier’s and did her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai.
She has trained in a number of therapies, through the years, from the classic traditional to modern day cognitive behavioural approaches.
She started her career at DonBosco’s Shelter and later moved on to teaching at S.N.D.T’s post graduate department. She was part of the training and counseling faculty at Sinara Education in association with the Times Foundation for nearly ten years.
Her interests include Eastern philosophy, Indian classical music, art and reading.

Mitali Dey

Mitali has a B.Ed in Special Education from S.N.D.T Women’s University. She has worked with students across age groups ranging from toddlers to young adults. She has previously been affiliated with groups of schools with an inclusive education policy, and takes a keen interest in understanding the organizational structure and philosophy so as to maximize the learning environment for young learners.

Mitali is our Special Educator and enjoys interacting with students and believes that no two days are the same as the community (students, teachers, parents…) evolves constantly.

Priyanka Shah

Priyanka has received her Master in Education: Instructional Leadership – Policy Studies from University of Illinois, Chicago. Having received a Bachelor of Law from Government Law College as well as being an Associate of Trinity College of London in Speech and Drama she directs plays for students from Down to Earth, a non-government organization, and hopes to use theatre as a bridge. She has also received a certification in Brain Gym 101.


Imran Ismailjee

Imran was a faculty member and has taught English, Social Studies, Business Studies and The Life Skills and Leadership Program at The Bombay International School from 2004 to 2012. He has conducted a workshop for teachers from Akanksha, a non-profit organization, on teaching English using a sense-based approach.

Imran holds a Master of Commerce Degree from Mumbai University, a Bachelor of Education Degree with English as a special method from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai, and a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Vancouver Community College, British Columbia, Canada. He has completed the Cambridge International Diploma Modules-Professional Level in Practice:teaching and learning in action and Design: planning and preparation. He has completed The Teacher Enrichment Certificate Course from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai. He holds a Diploma in Event Management. He has also completed the Stage1 Introduction of computer-assisted language learning and blended learning, the Online Basics MOODLE course and has completed a certificate course in Introduction to Intercultural Competency in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Currently, he is teaching World Literature, Language Skills and the Holistic Development classes at the primary and middle school levels. As well, he is a facilitator for the library classes in middle school. He is also involved with curriculum redesigning and development at the primary school level.

He believes the best way to educate oneself is through travel. When he is not teaching, you can find Imran sipping tea and indulging in pastry shopping. His favourite quote comes from Shane Koyczan, “Don’t let your luggage define your travels…”

Rooma Gupta

Rooma has been a Senior School Geography teacher at BIS since 2007, and handles both the ICSE as well as the IGCSE curriculum. She has done her B.Sc. (Honours) in Geography. Rooma has conducted ICSE workshops and presided over ICSE cell meetings at Jamnabai Narsee School, Arya Vidya Mandir School, Bandra, and the Green Lawns High School. She was the ICSE co chief examiner for 7 years. She has attended ICSE meetings in Delhi and Bangalore and two IGCSE workshops for Geography.

Rooma has an abiding passion for her subject, which she has been teaching for 25 years. She believes in developing an interest in her students so that they can apply their knowledge of Geography, wherever they travel.

Sohum Sanghvi

Sohum teaches Integrated Humanities to Grade 7 and English to Grade 8. He has an MBA in Business Strategy, an MS in Finance from Case Western Reserve University and an M.Com and BMS degree from Mumbai University. Most recently, he was working with Udaan India Foundation, which educates children from low income communities in the vicinity of Chandivali and Powai.

He is also a Teach For India Fellow where he taught English and Social Studies to Grades 6 and 7. He is still very invested in his TFI kids and his experience teaching them has amply clarified the disparity in the quality of education between private and municipal schools.

However, his school kids and many others from classes his friends taught have proved that what you can achieve doesn’t have to be a function of where you come from. One of his favorite quotes is by Bill Clinton, where he says that ‘Our common humanity matters more than our differences’.

Juzer Golwala

Juzer has completed his B.E. (Automobile) from Mumbai University and has been teaching the IGCSE curriculum to students from renowned schools across south Mumbai since the past eight years in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Juzer’s methods involve an emphasis on real world examples linked with the theoretical knowledge required by the board. This approach is beneficial to students as it enables them to apply their concepts effectively and efficiently.

Juzer believes that change is the only constant and that teachers are best suited to equip the future generations to excel in every aspect of life.

Dr Jogesh Motwani

Jogesh teaches Computer Science for the IGCSE 9th and 10 grade.

Jogesh has over 30 years experience as a teacher. He has taught Mathematics from the primary to the graduate level. He is familiar with all curricula, and has taught IB HL, IB Further Math, the A-Levels, and AP Calculus and Statistics, among other things.

Jogesh also runs True North, a premier SAT, ACT and GMAT coaching institute in Mumbai.

Jogesh has a B Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay, an MS in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University and a PhD in Mathematics from IIT Bombay.

His interests include travel, reading, music, and sports.

Omkar Nadkarni

After completing his Master’s degree in Biotechnology, Omkar worked with Teach For India as a teaching fellow for two years in a school in Dharavi.

Following his fellowship, he worked with PACE IIT and Medical in the Foundation Builder Program, teaching Biology to grades 7 to 10.

Omkar is passionate about education, especially through Biology, which he believes to be the most relatable science. While students often dread the subject, he aims to inculcate a sense of fascination and intrigue through an inquiry based learning approach that will help the students integrate and apply the knowledge of their curriculum to ventures not strictly restricted to academia.

Shilpa Tiwari

Shilpa teaches Hindi to Grades 6 to 8. She has 19 years of  experience in applying appropriate teaching and assessment methodologies. She is good at designing and developing educational objectives as well as preparing teaching material for Hindi. She simplifies lesson plans to achieve curriculum objectives, without sacrificing quality.

She loves to be with children and enjoy talking with them. She also enjoys reading and listening to music.

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