Dr Sharada Poornima Vakil

Teacher - Chemistry

Year of joining BIS : 2020
Subjects taught : Chemistry
Grade/s taught : GRADE 11 AND 12 IBDP
Education qualification : Ph.D.
Workshops : IB Workshop On Chemistry

Sharada has a Ph.D. in Bio-Inorganic Chemistry specializing in the toxicity of Chromium. A highly experienced DP teacher, Sharada taught Chemistry at the Mahindra UWC of India for 16 years. She holds a PhD in Bio-inorganic Chemistry and has done postdoctoral research at the University of Maryland, College Park and published and co-published twenty papers in international journals. She has also done research at NCL, Pune and ICI, Mumbai. Sharada has attended several Cat 2 and Cat 3 IB workshops and is also an IB examiner.

Sharada is also a nature lover who enjoys working with flora and fauna, with a special interest in butterflies and birds. An avid gardener, she has grown several vegetables and crops organically. She also loves to travel and see new places. She is a strong believer in sustainability and environmental conservation. She also enjoys playing several sports such as Badminton, TT, Swimming, Squash and Yoga. She believes that learning never stops and one should remain a student all one’s life.