Sambita Modak

Teacher of ESS

Year of joining BIS : 2021
Subjects taught : Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies
Grade/s taught : 11 & 12
Education qualification : PhD in Behavioral and Ecological Sciences
Diplomas : Diplômes d'études en langue française or DELF B2
Workshops : Advanced Statistics for Ecologists

Sambita strongly believes that science and scientific research can never be completely understood and appreciated in the confines of a classroom or even a laboratory, without reflecting on the cross-talk between science and society. Sambita aims to highlight these interdisciplinary aspects of science in her classes. Sambita is often found breaking into Pink Floyd’s “…there’s a hunger still unsatisfied…” to express her life-long yearning for knowledge and new skills. Her passion extends well beyond science into the realms of various art forms, poetry and language. She’s keen on bringing elements from these domains into her classroom to make learning more engaging, creative and fun! Sambita also takes deep interest in psychology and mental wellness in academic settings and has been an advocate for the same at IISc. She strives to be a source of support to the students (as well as the teachers) at BIS. To all those struggling through these very trying times, she reminds by quoting Camus: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”