Urvi Mittal

PYP Coordinator (Grades 1-5)

Year of joining BIS : 2018
Subjects taught : Math, UOI, English
Grade/s taught : 3
Education qualification : B.A., B.Ed
Diplomas : Certificate in Teaching Practice (UAE), Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Toronto)

Urvi has been teaching since 2013 after returning from her undergraduate study in the USA. She has a B.A. in Biology and Psychology from Bryn Mawr College, PA, and B.Ed. She was working with BIS till 2016. Urvi moved to Dubai to secure a Certificate in Teaching Practice and was also was one of the first 100 teachers in the UAE to get licensed by the KHDA in their pilot programme. In addition, she has completed her TEFL certification from the University of Toronto.

Urvi has been the English coordinator for Grade 2 at a well-reputed school in Dubai and performed internal reviews for PYP schools in the GEMS network.

Urvi enjoys the surprises that come each day in a classroom and provides a shoulder to support her students while also setting high standards for them to achieve. She encourages her students to challenge themselves and their learning constantly and gives them the freedom to express themselves in a safe space.

Urvi spends her time outside school working out, reading, or catching up with some TV shows. She is passionate about dancing, creative writing, and sustainable living.