Euphoria, the annual NGO mela at BIS

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An event where we invite NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to set up stalls in our school. The NGOs sell the products they have created and also spread awareness about the cause their organization works for.

By purchasing these items (ranging from artwork to notebooks to delicious food), BIS students are supporting these amazing causes as well as learning about a world beyond their own.

This year, our school invited 7 NGOs to be a part of our fair – Jai Vakeel, Artisans, Ekibeki, Seva Sadan, Tarsh, Dwij and The Welfare of Stray Dogs.

More about the NGOs:

Jai Vakeel is a foundation that has worked with BIS in the past. They had participated in Euphoria last year and had also been a part of BIS outreach week. Using a holistic approach to integrate differently-abled individuals into mainstream society Jai Vakeel provides them with healthcare, education, skill development and support services.

The Artisan Foundation (TAF) was founded with the belief that there is a need to bring rural artisans into the mainstream market. Their main focus is to preserve and promote traditional arts & craft through sustainable livelihood initiatives.

Ekibeki is an organization dedicated to preserving, sustaining and growing the dying crafts of India. They identify Indian crafts that are on the verge of extinction and revive them through design interventions, skill and capacity building, product development, market development and creating self-governing mechanisms – all of which eventually help the artisans to sustain and grow their community clusters in their natural habitat.

Seva Sadan is an organization that works towards the protection, education, and empowerment of disadvantaged women. They focus on the reduction of the inequities of opportunity between those who are privileged and those who are not. They provide shelter and care for destitute girls and women, they provide a good education, and they teach self-sufficiency.

Dwij was founded to address the ills of fast fashion by providing inclusive growth of society, through up-cycling. They up-cycle post-consumer and post-industrial fabrics with a focus on denim, to make trendy and multipurpose bags and jewelry

Tarsh is a part of the naval welfare association that aims to empower wives of the members of the Indian Navy. Tarsh is the block printing unit of the artistic system, that aims to help women be self-sufficient.

WSD is an organization that works to eradicate rabies in Mumbai, reduce the street dog population through humane, effective methods, to educate the public about rabies prevention & other street dog issues and to promote the adoption of street dogs, among many other aims.

All the NGOs sold interesting and well-made products that everyone will love – so please spread the word beyond the school community.

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