School Students Get a Chance to Exhibit Their Work at CSVMS

First Time Ever: School Students get a chance to exhibit their work at CSVMS

55 works get ready for display and auction to raise money for Charity

Organised by Secure Giving Events in collaboration with the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum), the first edition of ART Record will be held on the 10th of February 2017 at the CSVMS (formerly Prince of Wales Museum) in Mumbai.

The event is a stepping stone for over 55 school students who would like to make a foray into the art world, by having their art works and installations displayed at this most prestigious of Mumbai venues.

The students participating are children between Grade 9 to Grade 12 from the following schools: Cathedral and John Cannon School, Bombay International School, Oberoi International School, Singapore International School, Aditya Birla World Academy, St Xavier’s Junior College, Bai Avabai F. Petit Girls High School, NSS Hill Spring International School and the National Society for Clean Cities (NGO).



In its first year, the ART Record follows a format which included a guided and detailed tour of the CSVMS Museum which houses over 50,000 exhibits. The students then work with the committee members creating their art proposals and taking an existing art work at CSVMS that inspired them and look at it differently to create their final artwork. The students’ artworks have been created over a span of two months under the guidance and mentoring of an eminent committee from the art world, including Reena Kallat, Shireen Gandhy, Sumesh Sharma, Kaiwan Mehta, to name a few.

Sumesh Sharma, the curator and founder of Clark House Initiative, says, “The name ART Record was coined by me, because to me, this initiative was about these students who live in the digital age finally making a record of the way they perceive art and they look at it so differently than we do.”

A fundraising initiative at its core, the ART Record is conceptualised to provide a platform for the student artists to showcase their artistic talent, and also help the disadvantaged section of our society. The funds raised through the event will be donated to Concern India Foundation’s programmes that work with underprivileged children.

Secure Giving Events’ Pallavi Sahney Sharma who is the moving force behind the event says, “It is heartening to see how such young children have stepped forward to display their talent with the hope of helping the less privileged. The idea was to also give the students who are interested in art – a platform to express themselves, get inputs from artists and curators in this field and also showcase their work at a standout venue like the CSVMS.”

The quality of thought and art proposals has been a revelation for the committee. Sumesh Sharma especially found the work from the kids in the municipal school who are also a part of the program experimental and eye opening. “Their ideas have been so well thought through. The idea is not to curate but encourage them to participate in every facet of the art work – right down to the installation. The excitement amongst all the 65 kids is overwhelming.”

It’s also a small step in the right direction. Well-known gallerist Shireen Gandhy hopes it will draw in more people to appreciate art as a habit. “What happens in our country is that the whole rigor of going to museums or art galleries is not inculcated. In any other part of the world, it is a part of the growing protocol or a sunny hot/snowy cold day. For me, ART Record is a small but important way to target these future citizens. It’s a worthy action plan to inculcate the sense of art, to appreciate and then to look at any format of art – be it as textile design, installations or art as a career choice!”

The students are in parts excited and stressed too! 14-year-old Aashna Daru from Oberoi International School says, “ART Record has helped me become more self-aware of the quality of art I produce and has helped me realize that even planning in some artworks is necessary!” For Jehan Vazifdar from Bombay International School who plans to pursue a degree in fashion design, being a part of this unique art exhibit, “is an honour and also a step in the right direction towards my career.” For others like Ivana Pavri, it is how strangers and art lovers are moved by her art work that will be a true challenge!

It’s also making students think about Mumbai, the city and what’s happening around them differently.  While Vazifdar is bringing the juxtaposition of the posters on the city walls alive in his work, Aaria Panchal is using the difference between the privileged and the non-privileged to highlight how human beings need accept each other and integrate with each other in her artwork for the ART Record. For Malhar Narain, the coin collection at CSVMS fuelled her thoughts and her piece on demonetization. “It’s an installation of a hand from which coins are falling. These coins that are suspended change colour from left to right — becoming black to silver, indicating how our PM has been able to clean the system. I believe that demonetization is good for the country and I hope my piece can also change the view point of other detractors of demonetization!”

Krishna Prajapti from National Society for Clean Cities (NGO) and from a municipal school in Bandra (East) was thrilled with this opportunity to interact with other students with an arty bent of mind. “I had never seen a sculpture of the Dancing Natraj. Given my love for dance, this was the most apt art work, I could do!”

The art teachers have been more than fulsome in their support. Neha Pandit at Oberoi School who picked 4 students for this program says, “The school children have been challenged to create an art work along with their academics side by side. For us, we have let them find their way with introspection and also to channelize their creativity. And what a platform this is for them to let their work shine!”

Inauguration and Auction

Date: 10th February 2017

Time: at 5:30 pm – 7.30 pm

Venue: Premchand Roychand Gallery, CSVMS, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai – 400001