Summer Programmes for IBDP


This summer, one of our Y 11 students attended the Knowledge at Wharton High School Business and Entrepreneurship Program at University of Pennsylvania .  She was privileged to be the only student, worldwide, to receive a full merit scholarship to attend this program.

This two-week course helped hone important interpersonal skills for the 21st Century, such as business analytical skills, public speaking skills as well as social responsibility through various activities. Students had the opportunity to interact with some of the most prestigious professors and to attend classes at the prestigious John Huntsman Hall.

Not only did this programme provide a deep insight into the various branches of business, but it also allowed students to understand and experience American history, traditions and culture though field trips to Washington DC and New York City.

The course concluded with the students presenting unique and creative business plans which incorporated all the knowledge and skills they had imbibed during their time at the Wharton Business School.