Student Government


The Student Government, as the name suggests, functions like a government within the school.
It has office bearers who are first nominated by existing office bearers and then have to get elected by the students —a process which involves hectic campaigning, impassioned speeches and finally, voting.

Each post comes with a specific responsibility and the new office bearers take their oath at a formal investiture ceremony. The Student Government is also assisted by Class Representatives from all the classes, from Std. V to X.

Only the Head Boy and Head Girl are selected by the school staff.

The appointments for the various posts for the academic year 2018 – 2019 are as follows:

Student Government

HEAD BOY – Dhruv Gurjar
HEAD GIRL – Diya Karwa

President – Abhay Tole-Trivedi
Vice President – Esha Mundra
Secretary – Anaya Shroff
Treasurer – Vedant Sharda
Sports Secretary – Amaan Habibulla
Social Awareness Secretary – Aaliya Ramakrishnan

House Captains


Alpha House – Dev Joshi and Malavika Mehra

Junior Captains – Rayaan Patel and Mira Dhall (until June 2018)

Hriday Rajani and Bianca Colaco (from July 2018)

Beta House– Aditya Narayanan and Aneesha Karwanyun

Junior Captains – Shawn Aga and Mishka Bhosle (until June 2018)

Arjun Vora and Mihika Iyer (from July 2018)

Gamma House – Vishal Moorjani and Simran Jasubhai

Junior Captains – Kavish Parikh and Zayee Ajmera (until June 2018)

Aryan Diwan and Vedica Mehta (from July 2018)


Alpha House – Yohann Parasnis and Sama Dalal

Beta House – Bhakti Almoula and Anika Mashruwala

Gamma House – Sarang Phulwaria and Kimaya Vaid

Chief Coordinator Events – Armand Colaco

Hall Discipline – Arushi Mishr

Outreach – Jana Jhaveri, Anusha Jasubhai, Tiana Khandelwal, Nitya Joshi

Website – Krish Mongia, Samia Jetha, Purna Goradia

Grade 6 – Mannan Rajani

Grade 7 – Nandini Raisurana

Grade 8 – Dhananjay Sinh

Grade 9 – Behram Hathi



Grade 4 – Mohammed Mewawalla and Anousha Narayanan

Grade 5 – Yash Asudani and Ria Shah

Grade 6 – Dev Mehta and Taarini Gurjar

Grade 7 – Akshay Daphtary and Diya Patel

Grade 8 – Jai Damani and Avan Hathi

Grade 9 – Mikhaail Broacha and Navya Joshi

Grade 11 – Anshul Shah and Isha Sheth


The Student Council is the body and soul of student involvement in the DP. The purpose of the IB Student Council is to align the student body to the core of the IB Diploma Programme (CAS and TOK); to coordinate, initiate and carry out student activities; to act in a responsible manner towards the school; and to function in a manner that represents the ethos of the school.

The Student Council elected representatives for the year 2017-18 are:

DP Student Coordinator – Pranav Bajpai

CAS Student Coordinator – Ambar Dange

TOK Student Coordinator – Neil Nooreyezdan


Junior Student Council

As of January 2018, a Junior Student Council has also been set up for Grades 3, 4 and 5. This Council will work towards effectively solving problems and disputes amongst students through meetings called Sabhas, facilitated by two Primary Years Peace Ambassadors. The organization will also work towards actively taking on social causes that the students are passionate about and develop an action plan to achieve their desired goals. This effort is led by the Social Change Ambassadors.

The nominated students for these positions are:

Peace Ambassadors: Kunal Parikh and Kavyaa Shah

Social Change Ambassadors: Maya Broacha, Saachi Patki, Yohan Dubash and Adeesh Patni