Vision / Mission

Our Story

BIS is a small school with a big voice in Education, One that is heard and respected far and wide. It was founded by visionaries in 1962. BIS is unique as it was established by a group of parents known as our Founder members who were dissatisfied with the prevalent system of education then. The BIS Association is a parent co-operative. The Governing Body consists of the Trustees, Founder Members, elected Parent Members and Principal. The Founder Members drafted a written constitution which gives the guidelines and framework to the school.
This ensures continuity of philosophy and approach.

Our Vision


Bombay International School was founded in 1962 with a vision to create a school which:

Educates all children without distinction;

Cultivates and develops the character of the children;

Awakens an interest in natural phenomena and teaches children to respect and enjoy learning, and equip them with the discipline and skill of learning;

Fosters development of independent, liberal and creative thinking minds;

Creates appreciation, understanding, and respect for all fellow beings and their diverse cultural backgrounds;

Helps children to face the changing world of today, thereby preparing children to take an active and responsible role as future citizens.




Bombay International School Association is a parent association with a mission to run a school which is cooperative in spirit where:

The classes are limited to a reasonably small number of students;

The teaching methods are imaginative and of high standard so as to develop the child’s ability to the fullest;

The teaching staff are inspired with a love for imparting knowledge and are aware that a way of teaching grows out of a philosophical respect for what is taught;

The parents develop pride and respect for the value of a good education and work harmoniously with the teachers in the best interest of the children.


Adapted from the Memorandum of Association and Constitution of the Bombay International School Association (Mumbai 1999)