The Bombay International School has an alumni strength of about 1,575 students that have walked through our walls over the last 57 years. We add between 30 and 50 students each year through our Kindergarten to IB programmes. BIS is a home away from home for all of its students and wherever life takes us, our memories of Gilbert Building follow!

Over the recent years, the Alumni Network has spread its wings to over 39 countries around the world, with BISites sharing our ethos and way of life wherever we go. The BIS Alumni Association is headquartered in Bombay and has recently set up its first off-site chapter in New York. Over the next few years, the Association plans to set up chapters in Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore, Dubai, London and Sydney.  

The BIS Alumni Network aims to build connections between alum that can help both personally and professionally. The Association also works to help alum reconnect with the school and participate in its activities, both in a personal capacity and for its developmental benefit. Several alum from within the network offer school students internships every year as a part of the school’s vocational studies programme. The Network is active in reuniting its members through regular events both in and outside the school.

Bar Night - TAP, Worli

22 February, 2019

Mumbai’s extended winter weather inspired an impromptu bar night at TAP! The event had a smaller group of attendees ranging from 1975 to 2010, which proved to be conducive to interaction between alum from different decades!

7th Edition of BIS Talks

13 December, 2018

BIS Talks has evolved into a more sophisticated format, providing a platform to share exciting ideas. It went beyond the fascinating story of our friends to their thought provoking ideas and innovations with 5 speakers. The event took place at the new campus, BIS Junior!

  • Shveta Raina (2001) – The Pressure To Be Perfect
  • Banoo Batliboi (1974) – The New Life Of Old Books
  • Mekhala Krishnamurthy (1996) – Who Is The Indian State?
  • Shimul Javeri Kadri (1978) – A Staircase In A City
  • Yuki Ellias (1996) – Embody

Annual Bar Night - The Bar Stock Exchange, Lower Parel

5 October, 2018

The Annual Bar Night for 2018 was hosted at the multi-level Bar Stock Exchange at Lower Parel. We had a fantastic turn out of 150 alumni from different decades! The event was packed by 9 pm and a lively and energetic evening continued!

BIS Alum meet in New York

29 June, 2018

The BIS Alumni Committee organised its first reunion in New York City.
It was a fun evening of “ Wine-n-Cheese” hosted by a few current BIS parents including a member of the B.I.S.A. Board of Governors.

6th Edition of BIS Talks

11 January, 2018

The sixth edition had an internist and a professor of medicine and critical care, the founder of a fast-fashion jewelry brand, lead product manager of Google India, a filmmaker and the founder of a Grip services company of global repute, share their exciting journeys into their respective fields.

  • Sanjay Sami (1987) – Grippery – Translating an Idea into a Shot
  • Dr. Pratit Samdani (1990) – From Passion to Compassion
  • Muzammil Esmail (1990) – Driving Change in the World Around You – Building Products that Matter
  • Shuchi Pandya (1999) – How Brands Tell Stories
  • Amritpal Singh Bindra (2002) – The Power of A Story

Back to School Lunch

29 July, 2017

The Back-To-School lunch is always a very popular event for alumni! It was a day of nostalgia, with alumni enjoying the all time favourite Sindhi curry and aloo Tuks, Bhel and Dave samosas.

Alumni Meet Up - Ghetto

31 March, 2017

Alumni meet-up: A casual alumni meet was organized at ‘Ghetto’ Mahalaxmi,which was promoted through social media and email. It was a fun night of snack, drinks and of course some Pool!!!

Alumni Meet Up - Doollaly

21 December, 2017

Alumni meet-up: A casual alumni meet was organized at ‘Doollaly’ Kemps Corner, which was promoted through social media and email. Turnout at the event was higher than expected, with over 55 alumni circulating through the venue over the course of the evening, and representing batches across the years over a pint of beer!

5th Edition of BIS TALKS

15 December, 2016

5th Edition of BIS TALKS

Our line-up included a fund manager, a creative educationist, a performer-cum-sports presenter, an orthopaedic surgeon and a karate expert with a 3rd degree black belt – and they each shared their ideas with a packed house!

  • Chirag Setalvad (1990) – Investing: why smart people often fail
  • Aneesha Shah (2006) – In the spotlight – is passion enough?
  • Alisha Mashruwala (2004) – Building future leaders – bridging the gaps in the education industry in India
  • Dnyanesh Lad (1999)- Medical marvels in the tesserae of my mind
  • Anurag Toshniwal (1990) – Martial arts is not for fighting!

Alumni Dinner

27 February, 2015

The annual BIS alumni dinner was held at Indigo

4th Edition of BIS Talks

December 14, 2015

Our line-up this year includes a stage manager, an architect-cum-activist, a pediatrician, a film producer-author, and a veterinarian – and they are each looking forward to sharing their ideas with a packed house of students and alumni!

  • Nishita Patwardhan (1989) – The show must go on
  • Jagdeep Desai (1974) – The architecture of things
  • Gauri Divan (1981) – Play – small steps towards a fairer world
  • Fahad Samar (1985) – Media, mayhem and the paparazzi
  • Tina Rustomjee (1981) – A walk on the wild side

3rd Edition of BIS Talks

9 January, 2014

BIS Talks second edition!
BIS Talks featured an equestrian Olympian, an art historian, a leading fund manager, an author-cum-activist and a high court judge. They each had a wonderful story to tell!

BIS turns 50- Annual “ Back To School”

14 January, 2012

It was a fun evening of special BIS experiences with the alumni reliving old memories in the classrooms, labs etc with their old classmates and teachers. They dined on some uniquely BIS fare. There was also a host of games to enjoy and relive the nostalgia.

1st Edition of BIS Talks - Gilbert Building

19 December, 2012

The BIS Alumni Network initiated the “BIS Talks” in 2012.A few speakers were chosen to speak on varying topics related to their work, their experiences and to describe a particular facet of their field which they are passionate about – an idea which they felt was worth sharing!

  • Anaita Shroff Adajania (1988): Styling – Finding and chasing the nonexistent career, and letting it develop and grow
  • Riva Pocha (1985) – The Innocence Project
  • Shyam Divan (1978) – Plastic Cows, Travelling Lions and Bellary Ore: Three Legal Riddles
  • Suneeta Rao (1983) – Music as a Profession
  • Roy Wadia (1978) – Sex and the City: HIV in Bombay and beyond
  • Rahul Akerkar(1975) – Experimenting with food & inventing new dishes
  • Dr. Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar (1983) – Voice Surgery – What we can and cannot do
  • Dhanashree Pandit Rai (1974) – What makes a tune sound Indian!
  • Sanjna Kapoor(1984) – The Fire in my Belly — have you found yours?

Alumni Dinner - Celebrating 50 years! - Tote on the Turf

21 December, 2012

The Alumni celebrated 50 years of BIS in their own special way.
It was an evening of Cocktails, Dinner and Merriment.

BIS Alumni - Annual Reunion Dinner - Gilbert Building

03 January, 2011

The event was held at the Gilbert Building and gave ex-students an opportunity to walk through the halls of the school and see how it had transformed over the years. Alumni walked into classes and discussed how they had spent their time there and the evening was filled with laughter and excitement at being ‘back home’!

Annual Event - Starters & More

7 January, 2007

To change things up, in 2007 the Alumni Committee organised a Brunch at Starters & More! The event was attended by a large number of students. And there was a brunch at Starters & More on 7th Jan 2007.

First Alumni Event - NSCI

6 January, 2006

The first ever BIS Alumni dinner was hosted at ‘The Terrace’, NSCI. It was a great opportunity for students from different decades to interact with each other and meet people who have