Neha Chheda

Head of Junior School

Year of joining BIS : 2022
Subjects taught : Commerce for IX and X, Language development through audio visuals and books in the library
Grade/s taught : Primary
Education qualification : BCom, MBA(Fin), B.Ed
Diplomas : Systems Analysis
Workshops : Strategic Leadership in the social sector (Harvard Business School), Quality Circle Time

Neha’s long and illustrious career of 29 years has seen her move from equity research and settling in education to hold the designation of Head of Primary Section (8years), Principal (4 years) and Director (4 years) at Shishuvan School (ICSE), Mumbai.

At Shishuvan, she was responsible for an array of tasks from administration to staff and curriculum development to looking after research, academic standards and holistic development of students from K-10.

She then went on to be a Director and Lead Assessor at Adhyayan Quality Education Services Pvt. Ltd.Neha has designed and delivered leadership training programmes for over 200 leaders and over 1000 teachers through Adhyayan School Improvement Support and Training programme across different geographies and examination boards in India. Over 500 teachers and teaching leaders have undertaken the professional growth self-review using the professional growth programme framework. During the pandemic, she also curated the Parenting Studio offering Parenting Courses for parents of toddlers equipping them in the whole child approach.

She believes that every voice counts and each one’s voice makes a difference!