BIS strongly believes in cultivating a spirit of international-mindedness in its students. Our students travel to Germany and Spain not only for language immersion but also to develop a respect and appreciation of the cultures of these countries.

In order to support the foreign language acquisition programme, BIS offers students in the higher classes the opportunity of taking part in an international school exchange programme.

Spanish Exchange Programme

For the last two years, our school has been hosting the students of Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada, Málaga and its sister school, Colegio Europa, Bilbao; both located in Spain. In return, our Spanish ab initio students get the opportunity to be hosted by their counterparts in Spain.

During these exchanges, students live with the families of their hosts and learn first-hand about their daily life, customs and traditions. Students from both countries learn about the cultures of the host nation and take part in various activities such as dance, cooking, art, music and sport. They visit places of cultural interest and interact with the local communities.