One and All

A celebration of Inclusion and Diversity at BIS

Learning and Laughing Together

Having Fun Together

Amaira and Sanvee tell us about how they miss each other, their teachers and their fun times at school.

In the Classroom Together

Yohan and his teacher Miss Azmin talk to us about their special bond.

Growing Up Together

Mihaan and Kiyaan tell us about how they enjoy their time together and about their friendship that has grown since childhood.

Conversations on Inclusion

The Importance of Inclusion in School Education

Dr Cyrus Vakil, our Principal, on the inclusion imperative at BIS, the daily challenges and what makes it all worthwhile.

What Inclusion in Education needs to Succeed

Seema Kamble, an educator and student guardian, shares her perspective on inclusion and what it will take to make it succeed in the long term.

Making Inclusion a Concrete Reality

Three passionate members of our faculty talk about how, at BIS, inclusion is a part of everyday life in the classroom.

Growing together and growing with a difference

Priyamvada Das, Head of Inclusion

Why I love school

Mihaan Dhall, Student, Grade 10

How I became a part of the BIS community

Arijeet Patil, Student, Grade 11

Creating a school where
everyone can thrive

Tarana Bilimoria, Counsellor