Sunburst Brain Camp

The Sunburst Brain Camp launched in the year 2012, is an International educational programme held annually in Singapore and supported by STEP (Singapore Technologies and Endowment Fund) and Temasek Trust. Held in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, the Sunburst Brain Camp aims to provide youth from South and East Asian countries who have a passion for neuroscience and research, opportunities to collaborate with University faculty and neuroscience research laboratories. 160 youth from Singapore and Asia participate in the week-long camp, where they have dialogue sessions with scientists on topics relating to the brain and how it works.

Grade 11 students from BIS were invited to participate in the Sunburst Brain Camp in June 2012. At this inaugural camp, four students of the BIS IB-DP were invited to participate. BIS was the only school selected from India, and the four students received full scholarship. Highlights of the Camp included –

  • Interactive lectures and engagement with Professors from around the world, NUS, NTU and Research Institutes
  • Hands on workshops and demonstrations
  • Presentation of research papers prepared by the students

Through its many interesting activities, the Camp served not only to inspire our young “budding” neuroscientists, but also served as a platform for students to collaborate with each other fostering new friendships, and the development of a community of young inquiring scientists!

Our students performed extremely well and have since been invited to attend the Camp every year.