PYP Exhibition 2019-20

When the PYP Exhibition goes virtual !

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There’s Magic in the Air !

Expecto patronum!
‘There’s Magic in the Air’ as lower preppies to grade 5 put up their Variety Entertainment Program amidst pottermania.
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IBDP batch of 2019 – Award ceremony

Students of the IBDP batch of 2019 at Bombay International School celebrate their achievements with an award ceremony. Here’s congratulating all the students and wishing them all the best!

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BIS TechFest 2019 – Smart Ideas: December 17th, 2019

An annual Science and Technology event where BIS celebrates technology. Events at the Tech Fest will include – student project exhibitions, live demonstrations, hands-on workshops and expert talks.
Last Date for students to submit ideas is August 15th, 2019.

Think ‘Shark Tank’ for BIS.

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BIS Students Shine at Regional Robotics Competition in New York

Two students of BIS – Anirudh Jhunjhunwala (Grade 9) and Aarushi Shah (Grade 11) IB – were members of the team from India that won a number of awards at the First Robotics Competition (FRC)…

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Trash Can Cost a Lot! An Insider’s View of Protecting the Environment

How can we care for the environment? This popular theme was addressed by a BIS guest speaker Ms. Sara Mahdi, formerly associated with luxury and fashion, having worked for brands like Jimmy Choo…

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The Super Sleepover: Grade 3 Spends 24 Hours in School

A suggestion from the students of Grade 3, in a persuasive letter to the Principal and Primary Head, requesting for permission to go on an Edutour led the teaching team to host a fun…

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Celebrating World Autism Day 2019

Globally, World Autism Day was celebrated on April 2, 2019 with April also being observed as Autism Awareness Month. BIS too participated in this programme, with different activities appropriate for the age group in different sections.

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