CAS (Creativity , Activity, Service)

CAS at BIS enriches students’ educational experiences and nurtures personal growth by celebrating diversity, fostering reflection and promoting active citizenship, thus equipping students with the skills, values and mindsets needed to thrive in the real world. At BIS, service learning is deeply ingrained in our curriculum from the primary years through to the IBDP program. Students are provided with a platform to explore, grow, and contribute beyond academics. Creativity encourages students to express themselves through various artistic mediums such as music, visual arts and design, fostering innovation and self-expression. Activity promotes physical well-being and teamwork through sports, outdoor pursuits, and fitness activities, instilling lifelong habits of health and resilience. Service, perhaps the most transformative aspect, cultivates a sense of empathy and global citizenship as students engage in meaningful volunteer work and community service projects. Whether it is organizing charity events, like our famous bake sales, leading passion projects, or advocating for social justice, students are empowered to make a positive impact on the community. Working with our partner non-profit organisations: Jai Vakeel, Seva Sadan, ToyBank and Parekh Dharmashala, students interact with underprivileged children, the elderly and children with intellectual disabilities, leaving their academics for a few hours each week to work for the community. Through the second and third terms of the IBDP program, students also embark on their own CAS projects, working within one, two or all three of the CAS components: creativity, activity and service, to create a project they are passionate about.