STEP NUS Sunburst Environment Program

STEP has joined hands with the National University of Singapore-Tropical Marine Science Institute and Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research to launch “The STEP NUS Sunburst Environment Program”. This focuses on building Environment Champions in the participating countries.

Our school has been given the opportunity to participate in this programme. The objective is to encourage the youth in Asia to care for and protect the environment. The participating students are required to submit a project paper after selecting a topic from a list of environmental concerns. The paper is reviewed and graded by environmental experts. The students make their project presentations in Singapore.

Given the importance of environmental issues, this is a tremendous learning opportunity for our students and a platform to showcase their work in front of peers from different countries and an expert faculty. They also, at the same time, become aware of the views and problems faced by their countries, and this gives them a global perspective on various environmental concerns. This programme empowers youth from Asia to tackle environmental issues that face us today, and will also provide new leaders in the years to come.