IBDP & the Curriculum

Globally recognized, the IBDP is highly regarded by top universities worldwide  as it opens doors to a wide range of academic and career opportunities. It is an academically challenging programme and prepares students with lifelong learning skills and dispositions while also fostering their ability to thrive in a multicultural and complex world. The programme places strong emphasis on developing essential life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, research, communication, collaboration and self regulation. Additionally, the school is committed to building a culture of where students learn to be resilient, independent learners. Students who are intellectually curious and motivated to learn thrive in the IBDP at BIS
Experienced and supportive Faculty
passionate, qualified and experienced teachers who guide students through the curriculum and provide personalized support.
Collaborative learning environment
a vibrant and supportive community that encourages peer learning.
Robust transition and skill enhancement program
English, Maths and Science along with a personalized Maths booster camp. An integrated skill building programme equips students with skills in academic research and writing including critical reading, note taking, argumentation and reasoning.
Experiential Learning
classrooms come alive with discussions, debates, simulations, explorations and experiments that expand students’ minds in a collaborative environment that supports reflective learning.
Technology Integration
Responsible use of AI, teacher-developed subject websites, online tools, smart boards are commonplace in theIBDP.
Inclusion and Pastoral Care
a specialized in-house team (Student Resource Centre) addresses student wellbeing through pastoral support, mentorship, counselling, peer support and socio-emotional learning.

The curriculum encourages students to develop their intellectual curiosity and love for learning as they are encouraged to explore six subjects across a broad range of disciplines and within them, topics are covered in-depth.