DP Alumni Voices

Aman Tejuja – DP 2024

Business Management HL, Economics HL, Math HL, English Language & Literature SL, Hindi B SL, Chemistry SL
Being a part of BIS really helped me grow both as a person and academically. Initially, having to make the transition from an ICSE board to the IBDP was quite challenging, but the teachers really went the extra mile to make sure that I was not just understanding concepts but getting more comfortable with the pattern and style of learning. I think the most important skill I took away was definitely becoming more confident about myself and my abilities and not being fearful about new challenges. With time, I developed the belief and character to stay calm and embrace difficult situations, and I think this is something that will stay with me forever.Last year, I seriously injured my collarbone during a football tournament – this was amidst my college application process! From the moment I got injured, the sports faculty took good care of me and ensured that I got access to medical treatment at the earliest. Post-injury the school considered my requests on deadlines since I couldn’t type or write. They factored in the smallest of things like allowing me to come to school late to escape any rush on the stairways. The auxiliary staff was always present to help me too. Finally, the University Guidance Team along with teachers helped with additional sessions and most importantly, were extremely approachable.

Trishla Chitrabhanu – DP 2024

English Language & Literature HL,Business Management HL,Economics HL, Spanish ab initio SL,Biology SL,Mathematics SL
Being a part of the IBDP at BIS has shaped both my personal and academic growth through its rigorous and holistic educational approach. Academically, the IBDP’s demanding curriculum has equipped me with a robust set of skills essential for college. Emphasis on critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning has enhanced my ability to analyze complex issues from multiple perspectives, a skill that will greatly benefit me in any professional scenario.The focus on extensive writing and research through assignments like the EE and TOK essay has helped me improve my writing skills making me proficient at constructing a balanced, well organised and persuasive arguments. This skill would benefit me in college where I will be required to write in-depth essays. Moreover, the IBDP’s requirement for CAS has fostered empathy, problem-solving skills and team collaboration. Managing the rigorous academic load alongside CAS activities has taught me how to balance multiple responsibilities efficiently. SEE learning taught us stress-management tactics including mindfulness and managing our emotions. Additionally, mentor-mentee sessions were vital for my wellbeing and have helped me overcome several challenges.

Sanaya Parikh

English Language & Literature HL,Global Politics HL, Economics HL,Spanish ab initio SL,Biology SL,Mathematics SL
We had teachers that went above and beyond to make one feel heard, assured and comfortable in class. The manner in which we were taught made learning really engaging. The freedom to explore topics that truly interest you and learn to self-study are skills I will use for the rest of my life. The IBDP also compels you to learn time management and organisation. Beyond just academics, the school enables us to actively participate in the student community through the student council. It encouraged me to step out of my shell and try new things and simultaneously balance my workload. I feel ready for the future after this program and know that it has made me a confident learner. School has constantly supported me, through every injury, sickness or burn out phase. The DP Coordinator was always a phone call away when things got overwhelming and the mentor-mentee system in place really encourages students to speak up.

Insiyah Readymadewala

Business Management HL,Psychology HL,Biology HL,English Language & Literature SL, Spanish ab initio SL, Mathematics SL
The IBDP at BIS is truly one of a kind. It has helped me grow over the last two years. When I first started, writing a simple analytical answer or a data response question seemed like an impossible task. The idea of writing an extended essay scared me. I believe that the transition programme helped me familiarize myself with this analytical approach. Scaffolding activities in subjects such as English made difficult tasks easy. Additionally, the emphasis on skill building and critical thinking in the form of curated Internal Assessment sessions provided me with tools that I needed to succeed. Most importantly, constant support from faculty members-from mentors to subject teachers to the leadership, fostered an environment of open, honest communication and approachability. It goes without saying that with the rigour of such a programme came stress and some emotional upheavals. However, the supportive environment over the course of two years, I learnt how to cope with challenging tasks, adopt a growth mindset, be open to multiple perspectives, accept change and transform myself into a more curious and empathetic individual. I have become more flexible and comfortable with risk-taking. BIS has helped me with organisation, communication and time management skills. The biggest takeaway from BIS will be the shift in my approach to situations – from thinking in a linear fashion to analyzing and evaluating multiple perspectives has been a game changer for me. During the 3rd term of the IB, I was completely overwhelmed as I had fifteen things on my to-do list (30 college essays, SAT preparation and 5 extracurricular commitments). At this point, my parents and I reached out to the DP Office and stated our concerns. The DP Coordinator along with mentors, the counsellor and concerned teachers not only comforted me, but also helped me get back on track.