Students Projects

As part of the TechFest, students have created unique projects brainstormed and executed by themselves with the help of their mentors.

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Panel Discussions

Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds in the tech space that are making an impact far beyond the obvious. Through a discussion, we hope to peak the curiosity of our students by engaging and inspiring them to provoke conversations that matter.

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Leading tech companies conduct live workshops for our students to decipher the technology behind the idea / product / service in hands-on workshops in various spaces including the arts.

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Tech Talks

Shariq Patel


Niren Shah


Neville Sukhia


Meet The Participants

A fun way to get to know the student and their project better! Stay tuned…

BIS TechFest Student Video 1


BIS TechFest Student Video 2


BIS TechFest Student Video 3