Student leadership is a serious matter at the Bombay International School. By its very name, the Student Government (SG) at BIS, is the hallmark of the student voice and a true exposure to the functioning of a democracy. While the Head Boy and Head Girl are selected by the school based on a range of parameters, all the other appointments are elected. Roles and responsibilities for all the posts are explained to new candidates, followed up by the circulation of the Student Government Handbook that details all aspects of the functioning of this body. Students choose to stand for posts of their choice, campaign hard to convince their voters to vote for them, make speeches outlining their vision and finally, accept the verdict of the choice of the BIS student community. The Student Government begins work almost immediately after the investiture – from planning and executing new initiatives in the Student Life section, to driving social initiatives, to selecting candidates for inter-house events to cheering their house members to victory in sports. It is a full year at a hectic pace for the SG.


IBDP Student Council
The Student Council is the body and soul of student involvement in the DP. The purpose of the IB Student Council is to align the student body to the core of the IB Diploma Programme (CAS and TOK); to coordinate, initiate and carry out student activities; to act in a responsible manner towards the school; and to function in a manner that represents the ethos of the school.

Junior Student Council
As of January 2018, a Junior Student Council has also been set up for Grades 3, 4 and 5. This Council will work towards effectively solving problems and disputes among students through meetings called Sabhas, facilitated by two Primary Years Peace Ambassadors. The organisation will also work towards actively taking on social causes that the students are passionate about and develop an action plan to achieve their desired goals. This effort is led by the Social Change Ambassadors.