University Guidance

At BIS, our University Guidance Team serves as a dedicated compass guiding students towards their university aspirations. While teachers at BIS focus on academic preparation and guidance for the core (ToK, EE, CAS),  the Guidance Team is committed to navigating students through various application systems across the globe. The value that they are driven by is that every student has the potential to be a unique college applicant waiting to be unveiled through introspection, self-awareness, hard work and expert guidance.

What sets the University Guidance Team apart is their deep commitment to understanding each student’s individual journey. This personalised approach goes beyond mere guidance; they become partners in a child’s personal growth. Embracing the holistic approach that defines the educational philosophy at BIS, the University Guidance team mirrors this philosophy. In partnership with OnCourse, BIS offers comprehensive support in subject selection, SAT/ACT diagnostics, resume and profile building, global application processes and college list building. The team’s dedication extends to assisting students in summer planning, ensuring they find enriching experiences that resonate with their interests. Through personalised meetings, they gain insights into each student’s likes, dislikes, passions and preferences, allowing them to craft compelling narratives in their applications. BIS takes great pride in its ability to place students in their best-fit universities and secure substantial scholarships. In 2024 alone, students have earned merit-based scholarships totalling Rs. 30 crores, a testament to the school’s commitment towards meeting student aspirations.