A small school with a big heart, where the focus is squarely on the student

  • Parent Participation

    BIS is perhaps the only school set up as a result of a need felt by parents. They are not only the founding fathers and mothers, they continue to steer and guide the working of the school. A Parent Board and Parent Committees ensure that your child continues to be nurtured at school as he/she is at home.

  • Individual Attention for Each Student with Restricted Numbers in Each Class

    Since the outset, BIS has believed in keeping the number of students per class to about 34 on an average. This ensures that each child gets the attention that he/she needs. At the same time, teachers are familiar with the strengths, interests and aspirations of each child, and can individually nurture them to achieve their full potential.

  • Not Just Imparting, But Inspiring

    Teachers at the school are trained not just to impart the curriculum set out by the respective Academic Boards, but to inspire students and awaken in them the desire to learn and gain knowledge. Something the school ensures not just by choosing the best educators, but by also encouraging and supervising them to give of their best.

  • All-Round Education for the Rounding of Your Child’s Personality

    At BIS we truly believe that all work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull children. The school offers opportunities for the child’s development in every aspect; and in fields which can cater to varied interests. From sports to cultural activities to outreach programmes, the school has it all – it’s a veritable breeding ground for talent; and has an environment most suitable for fostering the development of a rounded, complete personality.

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment by Welcoming Differently-Abled Students

    BIS has been a pioneer educational institution in implementing a policy of inclusion. The school firmly believes that inclusion benefits not just students with special needs, but also teaches the others values of care, compassion and empathy. Special educators, counsellors and assistant teachers support the teaching of SEN students in junior school. BIS also promotes socio-economic inclusion. Our Inclusion and Diversity Committee align these efforts.

  • With the School for Life, Even if Not in the School

    Another shining facet of the school is its group of alumni, the numbers of which are added to each year. Just like the parents, the alumni of BIS continue to be connected to the school and have, over the years, made an invaluable contribution to its growth and development.