Middle School (MS) learners are interested in absolutely everything! This is the grade span in which they go through the greatest transformation. Learners enter middle school as children and leave as young adults.
This is the stage when they mature dramatically, discovering themselves, their peers and the world around them. In the process of coming to terms with their emerging adulthood, adult guidance becomes crucial.

MS @ BIS commits to allowing students to embark on a journey of self discovery, knowing that there is a transition from the strongly nurturing environment of primary school into a more independent, self-reliant middle school.

MS @ BIS believes that while teaching and learning focus on honing skills and achieving content mastery in the academic realm, introducing students to a range of co-curricular activities helps them explore areas of core interest.

MS @ BIS endeavours to expose students to a wider world that brings them in contact with organisations and institutions that strive for change in human lives. It also encourages students to support these efforts, believing that they are making a difference to the world they live in.

MS @ BIS aspires to nurture individuals who are ready to act when they are faced with situations that they have not been specifically prepared for.

MS @ BIS undertakes the delivery of a holistic curriculum through four well-defined strands:

Physical Well-being

Good health, nutrition, sleep and exercise are at the heart of well-being for the Middle School learner. A robust physical education programme ensures this and regular sessions reiterate the varied aspects of a balanced lifestyle.

Emotional Security

Middle School learners are taught to better understand themselves and their strengths, reflect on how to be happy with their identity and respect and empathise with peers. Emotional well-being is the focus of the counselling team that works actively to keep students safe and secure in their space. As they learn about the “self”, Middle School encourages students to think for themselves rather than passively accept ideas that are thrust by authority-figures or media or peers.

Creativity and Communication

Developing interpersonal skills, verbal communication, non-verbal expression and an appreciation of the aesthetic and creative arts, Middle School encourages learners to become self-confident individuals who are capable of absorbing the beauty of the world they live in. This is seen as critical for the development of the “whole” person who is strong with self-presentation and conflict-resolution.

Discovering the Wider World

“Bubble-bursting” is at the heart of attempting to discover a “world-beyond-the-classroom” experience for the Middle School learner. A well-defined outreach programme as well as school tours that focus on experiential education take students out of their comfort zone, letting them experience the “difference” in both society and nature.

MS @ BIS administers the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum.

Cambridge Lower Secondary at BIS develops skills and understanding across various subjects for the first three years of secondary education. It provides a flexible framework for developing skills and understanding in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and ICT and also introduces students to interdisciplinary learnings in the social sciences and arts. Combined with this world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and varied assessment, our students gain in meaningful ways.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum builds into the requirements of the Upper Secondary Programme.

You can learn more about the Cambridge Programmes @ https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/