Trash Can Cost a Lot! An Insider’s View of Protecting the Environment

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How can we care for the environment? This popular theme was addressed by a BIS guest speaker Ms. Sara Mahdi, formerly associated with luxury and fashion, having worked for brands like Jimmy Choo.

Ms Mahdi spoke about her own learning curve, and how, a month before her graduation, a documentary she watched on Netflix made her aware that the fashion industry is the world’s second largest pollutant after petroleum.

Having decided to work in areas more connected with nature, Ms Mahdi spoke about her experiences of the last five years spent diving, exploring the oceans and her active engagement in interdisciplinary activities of education, activism, discussion and communication of the science revolving around conservation of our natural ecosystems, the oceans in particular.


The engrossing presentation was followed by a very enthusiastic discussion about the conservation of the environment and ways in which we can inculcate habits that are more sustainable. Sara suggested that students could maintain a ‘trash diary’, a simple, daily account of everything thrown into the wastebasket each day.

As the discussion did not end, even though it continued into the short recess, Sara promised to continue the conversation with the students over email.

– Ms Samrajni Dasgupta