Ananya Priyadarshi

Teacher, English Language & Literature, English Language & Culture

With a focus on Language and Literature, as well as Language and Culture, Ananya imparts her expertise to Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. Ananya’s academic journey, encompassing a B.A. in English Literature and dual M.A. degrees, one in English with a specialization in Issues in Modern Culture from University College London, and another in English Literature from the University of Mumbai—underscores her dedication to the field. Her commitment to professional growth is evident in her participation in IB Curriculum Development Workshops, particularly in the domain of Language and Culture. Ananya’s philosophy resonates with her teaching approach as she firmly believes in the transformative power of literature for students. Her classes are designed not only to explore the nuances of literature but also to revolutionize students’ perspectives on the world. Central to her teaching philosophy is the cultivation of curiosity and the art of questioning, urging her students to critically examine established systems, beliefs, and ideologies. Through her dedicated teaching, Ananya strives to instill a lasting love for learning and a profound understanding of the impact literature can have on shaping minds.