Arnaaz Shroff

Teacher of Biology

Arnaaz has a diverse educational background that encompasses a B.Ed, M.Sc in Food Science and a B.Sc in Life Sciences. She thus brings a wealth of knowledge and  unique perspectives to her teaching. Her commitment to cultivating an immersive learning journey is evident in her focus on IGCSE Biology, extending across Grades 8-10. Arnaaz’s pedagogical approach is marked by an interactive and supportive classroom environment where creativity and intellectual growth are celebrated. Beyond academic excellence, Arnaaz places emphasis on holistic development and her efforts are directed towards nurturing curiosity, fostering a genuine passion for the subject and empowering students to embrace lifelong learning.

Guided by her hands-on teaching philosophy, Arnaaz encourages students to deeply engage with Biology, creating a space where theoretical knowledge comes alive through practical application. Her adventurous spirit and deep-rooted love for nature further enrich the educational experience she offers. Arnaaz Shroff’s dedication to her craft goes beyond textbooks and classrooms; she is a mentor and guide to students.