Priya Aga

Pastoral care and wellbeing Coordinator

Priya, the Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Coordinator, joined the institution in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in Psychology (specialization in Industrial Psychology) from Bombay University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Her teaching portfolio encompasses DP Psychology in the Diploma Programme as well as Student Wellbeing. Throughout her career, Priya has engaged in various IB workshops for Psychology. While her teaching expertise spans across diverse age groups and subjects, her true passion lies in teaching Psychology to teenagers, which she finds consistently engaging, invigorating, rewarding, and occasionally challenging. Priya not only emphasizes academic growth but also nurtures emotional and social development. She is a certified SEE Learning (Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning) facilitator, conducting workshops for educators and adults, with a focus on navigating emotions and self-compassion. Priya’s dedication to teaching is evident through her commitment to the profession, driven by her passion for her subject and her goal of inspiring students to become lifelong learners. Outside of her teaching role, music is her source of joy, as she has dedicated over 15 years to formal music study and has showcased her talents as a pianist and percussionist with the Bombay Chamber Orchestra. Currently, Priya actively participates in the Paranjoti Academy Chorus, a renowned a capella choir.