Anjali Karpe

Deputy Head, Teacher of History

Anjali Karpe, the Deputy Head at BIS and the Head of Student Life derives joy in tapping the potential of learners so that they grow and discover themselves in the process. In addition, she teaches English and History to Senior School.

She has done her M.Phil. and M.A. in English Literature, B.A. English (Honours) with History and B.Ed in English and History. She has also done IB Workshops in Language A: Literature at Hongkong and Hyderabad, several Webinars for English and workshops for IGCSE History and English. She has been part of workshops on teaching and pedagogy.

Besides her teaching responsibilities, Anjali’s area of focus is on the holistic growth of students and enrichment through out-reach and experiential learning. She also looks into student discipline and pastoral care, and works towards developing a strong student voice through leadership initiatives. Keeping the all-round development of a student in mind, the school believes in nurturing and strengthening a range of co-curriculars activities, and Anjali ensures that these get their due time and focus.

Anjali has been at BIS since 2006 and has spent 14 years teaching creative writing to children prior to this. She has served as a consultant for Library set-ups and creative writing programs for other IB schools. Anjali has also enjoyed working on Hindi-English conversation sessions to overcome communication barriers for the expatriate community in Mumbai.

Anjali says that for her teaching is a passion. Watching films with a critical eye is a serious hobby, as is travelling to discover new places.