Fizza Kachwala

Middle School Coordinator

Fizza has been a part of BIS since 2008 as a Science teacher and Middle School Coordinator since 2018. Fizza collaborates closely with the Deputy Head to design a comprehensive program that nurtures independent thinking and academic rigor. She also takes an active role in student discipline and pastoral care when needed. Fizza’s philosophy of teaching extends beyond academics as she believes that the Middle school phase is pivotal for fostering life skills and nurturing specific academic interests. With a B.Ed in Science & Mathematics from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, M.Sc in Zoology with a specialization in Endocrinology and a B.Sc in Zoology and Biochemistry from Mumbai University, she brings a strong foundation to her teaching. Fizza has taught various subjects like General Science, Mathematics,  Biology across different school levels from Primary to Senior School. She played a pivotal role in introducing and facilitating the Big History program, leading to the creation of The Little Big History Project in 2019. In the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Fizza conducted Think Lab sessions for Grades 4 and 5 demonstrating her commitment to innovative teaching methods. Moreover, she played a crucial role in transitioning Grade 6 students from PYP to Middle School, focusing on both skill development and content mastery. Fizza’s dedication to professional development is evident through her attendance at workshops such as “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen,” “Whole School Quality Circle Time” by Maya Menon and “Assessment for Learning” by Dylan William. She aims to incorporate these insights into her teaching approach, fostering holistic learning experiences. With her enthusiasm for the Scientific Method and her aspiration to instill  passion for it among her students, Fizza views teaching as a way to impart skills that extend beyond the confines of the classroom. Outside of her teaching role, Fizza indulges in Sketchnoting, a hobby she enjoys. She holds certification as a Classroom Sketchnoter, showcasing her creative and multi-faceted approach to education.