Juzer Golwala

Teacher of Mathematics and Physics

Juzer teaches students across multiple grades in Physics and Math. With a versatile academic background that includes a B.E. in Automobile Engineering from Mumbai University, Juzer has dedicated eight years to delivering the IGCSE and IBDP curriculum in Mathematics, Physics to students. His teaching approach is synonymous with real-world relevance, harmoniously intertwining theory with practical examples. This strategy serves as a powerful tool, enabling students to not only grasp theoretical concepts but also apply them adeptly to multiple scenarios. This emphasis on application instills a profound sense of efficacy and understanding, transforming learning into a tangible skill set. Juzer has actively participated in a spectrum of workshops including IBDP Physics, Cambridge International Maths and ‘Transformative Math’ by Dr. James Tanton. Moreover, he delved into the exploration of Creating a Culture of Thinking at Dr. Ron Ritchhart’s workshop refining his teaching methodologies. Juzer’s educational philosophy is anchored in the belief that change is the only constant, and as educators, we hold the responsibility of equipping the future generations for this. His teaching goes beyond textbooks encouraging students to view education as a means to excel holistically in every facet of life.