Meher Ursekar

Teacher of Core Skills, Critical thinking, ToK

With a tenure at BIS dating back to 2011, Dr. Meher Ursekar has established a profound impact on students as the Teacher of Core Skills and Critical Thinking. Her educational journey includes guiding students across Grades 9-12 in Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Core Skills. She has an impressive educational background with an M.D. degree and a DMRD diploma. Drawing from her experience teaching postgraduate medical students, she has seamlessly transitioned to shaping young minds at the school level, recognizing the pivotal role critical thinking plays. Her pedagogical philosophy revolves around nurturing skills that enable students to think creatively, ethically, and critically. She firmly believes that these skills are the cornerstone of self-reliance and a fulfilling life. Her dedication to school education is underpinned by a profound aspiration: to equip her students with the abilities and confidence to skillfully engage with the world around them. By instilling a sense of critical inquiry and holistic understanding through her workshops on critical thinking and TOK, Meher empowers her students to navigate the intricacies of the global landscape.