Omkar Nadkarni

IBDP Coordinator, Team Leader, DP Science

As the IB Diploma Coordinator, Team Leader for DP Science and Biology teacher, Omkar is dedicated to making education holistic and meaningful. Beyond academic boundaries, Omkar envisions his students applying their knowledge creatively and practically, fostering a lifelong connection with the subject that extends far beyond the classroom. With a background in Biotechnology and a Master’s degree, his journey in education began as a ‘Teach For India’ fellow, where he spent two years shaping young minds in a school in Dharavi, Mumbai. Transitioning from there, he took on the role of a Biology educator in the Foundation Builder Program (PACE IIT) and worked with students of Grades 7-10. At BIS, he has taught students from grades 9-12. His passion for education shines through his love for Biology, a science he deems most relatable! His unique approach to teaching involves instilling a sense of wonder and curiosity within students, transforming a traditionally content-heavy subject into the engaging realm of inquiry-based learning.