Swapna Deva

Teacher of Science and Big History

Year of joining BIS : 2018
Subjects taught : Biology (IGCSE), Big History
Grade/s taught : Grade 7 & 8
Education qualification : M.Sc ( Organic Chemistry), B.Ed
Workshops : Assessment for Learning by Cambridge Assessment International Education, IGCSE Chemistry extension by Cambridge Assessment International examination, Cambridge Secondary Science Checkpoint

I’ve been teaching Science for over 15 years. I began teaching with an ICSE curriculum in 2006 and transitioned to an IGCSE / IBDP program in 2008. At present, I teach 7th and 8th grade Science, Big History, and IGCSE Biology. Teachers, in my view, are the most influential and life-changing role models in a child’s life. When you play the roles well and know you’re doing the right thing then it’s no longer a job; it’s a delight.